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Summer 2023 has begun, but here at TASSA we are still working hard to promote our organisation and our registered companies with insurance, law enforcement, and government.

A particular highlight has been our presence at the Interpol 4th Global Conference on Vehicle Crime in Lyon. Attended by circa 200 attendees from around the world and providing the opportunity to meet and hear from a rich assortment of experts from across the global industry, the conference is a key event in the vehicle security calendar.

Our Managing Director, Mike Briggs, held a keynote speaking slot at the conference, where he spoke about Best Practise and Standards, as demonstrated by the members of TASSA. The presentation, titled Full Circle, tracked vehicle crime and theft methods from the 1990s to date and explored influences such as legislation, policing and technological advances. Mike also spoke about mitigation and the countermeasures that have been put in place and subsequently overcome by criminal gangs.

Innovations in technology being put in place by the UK network of TASSA registered installers were highlighted as a key step in fighting crime head on. Specifically, how registered installers run stolen vehicle checks before installation, apply the fingerprint code, and enter the installation on the TASSA database, demonstrating the latest best practice guidelines. Thus, making innovation the key to beating the thief.

The conference received overwhelmingly positive feedback. In particular, the opportunity to forge UK and international contacts and make use of an extensive network of experts, encompassing the public and private sector, was specifically highlighted in praise.

Block Exemption

We have now received the latest on Block Exemption and the rules governing installing equipment and systems into vehicles. Find out more here.

TASSA Continue Improvement Programme

We continue to strive forward our all-encompassing improvement programme and are working hard to implement and embed new and enhanced processes, tools, and resources to improve our members’ experience. At the moment, most of these have been in the back-end, however some big changes are starting to be delivered on the website!

Nevertheless, it’s not too late to have your voice heard! If you would like to share any feedback or ideas, please feel free to reply to this email or complete this (very) short anonymous survey:

Thank you,

All of us at TASSA

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