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We are excited to share some breaking news regarding TASSA and Toyota Insurance Services.

Toyota Insurance Services have officially approved the following TASSA verified immobilisers:

Autowatch UK

  • Ghost II

  • Ghost II Pro


  • Ampire WFS400

  • Ampire WFS400 Pro

Autowatch UK Ltd

These products will now be specific options that can be selected by customers enquiring about insurance. As such, it is easier than ever for Toyota Insurance Services customers to ensure that their aftermarket security devices are being fairly considered within their quote.

Get an INSURANCE QUOTE for any vehicle fitted with an approved system* today!

​*Vehicles fitted with a Ghost II, Ghost II Pro, Ampire WFS400, Ampire WFS400 Pro, by a TASSA registered installer


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TASSA Continue Improvement Programme

We continue to strive forward our all-encompassing improvement programme and are working hard to implement and embed new and enhanced processes, tools, and resources to improve our members’ experience. At the moment, most of these have been in the back-end, however some big changes are starting to be delivered on the website!

Nevertheless, it’s not too late to have your voice heard! If you would like to share any feedback or ideas, please feel free to reply to this email or complete this (very) short anonymous survey:

Thank you,
All of us at TASSA
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