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Our Story

Finding the right solution for the right problem.

Our History

We believe that TASSA’s journey has just begun.

Nevertheless, the story of why we were formed, and the gaps we address demonstrate our integrity and important place within the industry.


Vehicle Security Systems Today (VSST) Ltd was formed by Mike Briggs in 2016 to find solutions to vehicle and vehicle enabled crime and raise industry standards and best practice.

The VSST Ltd team are highly respected, industry leading experts who have extensive experience in developing and setting the vehicle insurance ratings and security standards for both vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket for all vehicle types across the globe.

In 2018, the Home Office and Law Enforcement tasked VSST Ltd with establishing a programme that would give reassurance and credibility to customers having aftermarket vehicle systems fitted.

Thus TASSA was born...


The Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA) was established by VSST Ltd with the goal to become the foremost innovation accrediting body for aftermarket security systems in the UK.


It is important that consumers are empowered with the knowledge that the aftermarket products they choose meet stringent standards. 

Highly respected within the industry, we independently set such standards. Our standards are informed by decades of experience, in combination with continued learnings from analysis, testing, research, and collaborations with the wider industry, 


However, we don’t just set the standard, we complete rigorous verification checks against them and provide tools such as the TASSA Database to mitigate risk even further. This provides consumers and industry stakeholders including, Insurers, Law Enforcement and Industry Associations, with reassurance and confidence.

In 2016 Thatcham announced that from 31st December 2018:


It will no longer accredit Aftermarket Alarms, Immobilisers and Opportunist Theft Deterrents

Tracking systems meeting Thatcham categories 5, 6 and 7 would no longer be able to acquire any certification.


Understanding the potential threat this gap posed, VSST Ltd gave a collective industry voice which demanded the aftermarket certification be retained by Thatcham.


Whilst Thatcham then continued to provide accreditation for some aftermarket products, this still left a large amount of aftermarket security products unregulated and unverified.

ISSUE: Accreditation Gap


Trust is pivotal to providing consumers and industry with confidence and reassurance. Trust can only come from an unblemished track record and reputation for independence and impartiality.


Theft technology continues to develop at breakneck speed and the fastest counter measure is from the aftermarket. In order to support the development of cutting edge solutions while ensuring that best practise is maintained, TASSA itself must be agile and innovative.

Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

They are integral to our formation and work and show why we are one of the most highly regarded and trusted bodies within the industry.


Each person, part, and sector, of the industry can be greater than the sum of their parts if they are adequately supported. TASSA brings together and supports companies and individuals working hard to innovate against theft.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to support our clients, consumers, and wider industry and have set out our primary activities below. 


Nevertheless, please get in touch if you would like to chat about any further help or support we may be able to provide.

Setting the Standard

The TASSA Industry Standards are expertly designed to support innovation against vehicle theft while ensuring that consumers continue to be adequately protected and that best practice is strictly adhered to at all times.

The TASSA Database

The TASSA Database evidences that products and systems have been fitted by an appropriately trained installer, eliminates the need for paper certificates, and enables products and systems to be audited 24/7.

Industry Services

Through our extensive experience, learnings from collaboration, and innovative tools (such as the TASSA database), we work with authorised third parties to tackle vehicle crime holistically, effectively, and efficiently.

Verification Testing

We complete checks over products and services, installation companies and installers to give confidence that solutions are fit for purpose and safely installed by a trusted installer.


We know that knowledge sharing and listening is essential to effectively and efficiently tackle vehicle crime and see TASSA as an important vehicle for facilitating collaboration.

Support and Advice

Our website contains a wealth of information detailing our work, general advice, and details of TASSA verified products, services and installers. Nevertheless, we are always happy to provide additional security system advice, help and support on request.

Within Wider Industry

TASSA supports the vehicle security industry to fight crime through innovation and collaboration. This chart demonstrates how our unique position and the innovative TASSA database facilitates this.

Meet the Team

The TASSA Team are highly respected, industry leading experts who have extensive experience in developing and setting the vehicle insurance ratings and security standards for both vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket for all vehicle types across the globe.


With their impressive network of industry contacts and proven reputation for providing independent and trustworthy advice the service they can provide is unparalleled.

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mike progressed through the ranks to become one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry, working alongside Law Enforcement, Government Bodies and other vehicle security organisations worldwide. His overall goal is finding a solution to reduce vehicle crime.

Mike Briggs

Having worked with organised vehicle crime unit (New Scotland Yard), Simon had a direct and unique responsibility to work with vehicle manufacturers and insurers to recognise the risks posted to the motor trade. Simon also taught auto crime courses, giving the 'on-vehicle' assessments enabling officers to face real life scenarios with real life outcomes.

Simon Ashton

With more than 30 years of experience, Howard started his insurance career at the Association of British Insurers, where he worked representing the insurance industry for 18 years. During this time, he evolved the UK Insurance Group Rating system and helped to set standards for vehicle security. This theme carried on when Howard left the ABI to run the Vehicle Security Installation Board.

Howard Barron

Previous Senior Engineer in the Vehicle Security Department of Thatcham, Martyn was responsible for passenger car security - including electro-mechanical and electronic alarms and immobilisers being first. He joined Mike and Howard at VSST Ltd. in 2019 to continue the struggle against vehicle crime and vehicle enabled crime.

Martyn Randle

If you have any queries relating to administration of your membership or our website, you can also contact our admin team at:

Our Partners

In order to provide our services, we are proud to work closely with our trusted partners:


Vehicle Security Solutions Today (VSST) was formed to offer  consultancy services and to provide  the right solution to the right problem, first time. 

- Consulting 
- Creating Industry Standards 
- Insurance Counter Fraud 
- Stolen Vehicle Check 
- Triage of Theft Claims 
- Right to Repair Campaign 
- Vehicle Fleet Survey 
- Insurance Risk Profiling 

and much more… 

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Since being founded in 1982 Retainagroup's security system has been used to protect millions of vehicles and other valuable assets. 

Using state of the art techniques, the International Security Register secure database, and providing a 24/7 verification service, Retainagroup put criminals at maximum risk of being caught and prosecuted. 


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Arctic Leaf Creative is a graphic  design business who are happy to  support all TASSA members in a  variety of services including: 

- Logo Design 
- Business Card Design 
- Branding & Marketing 
- Printed Assets 
- Website Design, Refresh & Updates 

Arctic Leaf offers a fixed 20% discount  to all TASSA members. 

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