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How can TASSA Support Industry

Our purpose is to fight vehicle crime head on and support industry through collaboration and innovation... 
Examples of industry partners

>> Organisations who are part of the wider vehicle security industry, including but not limited to:

• insurance
• law enforcement
• government

>> Organisations who want to work collaboratively, using state of the art tools to tackle vehicle crime effectively and efficiently.

What are the benefits of working with TASSA?

Collaboration - We know that knowledge sharing and listening is essential to effectively and efficiently tackle vehicle crime and protect consumers. TASSA Membership facilitates effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information sharing to make the industry more effective and agile. TASSA Database - Where appropriate, members may be provided with access to the innovative TASSA Database. All installations of TASSA verified products and systems must be entered onto the TASSA Database. This further protects your customers as it enables products and systems to be audited 24/7 and eliminates the need for paper certificates. Tools Access - Where appropriate, members may be provided with access to tools to perform a pre-installation stolen vehicle check and a vehicle clone check.

Examples of services TASSA can provide to our Industry Members

>> Access to the TASSA Database
>> Verification Testing
>> Training
>> Support and Advice
>> And much more...

Read more about our recent keynotes presentation at the 2023 Interpol 4th Global Conference on Vehicle Crime here

How much does membership cost?

£POA (often free depending on purpose or services required)

We work with you to understand your requirements, and ongoing needs and agree an appropriate membership fee and frequency of payment, if any

Click button to apply online today or get in touch to discuss how we can support you

How Does TASSA fit Within Wider Industry

TASSA supports the vehicle security industry to fight crime through innovation and collaboration. This chart demonstrates how our unique position and the innovative TASSA database facilitates this.

How are products, systems and services verified by TASSA?

We pride ourselves on the rigorous standards we demand from our verified companies. Every TASSA verified company must successfully pass each stage of our meticulous testing process to ensure that you can trust that verified products, service, or system are fit for purpose.

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