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July 2023 is here and things are moving fast!

As always, the team at TASSA are continuing to work hard for you and are working closely with insurers, law enforcement and government, to promote the brand and our registered members.

This month Mike has been meeting to get the latest on the the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order 2023 (MV-BEO 2023) and get an up-to-date answer to the question "WILL THE INSTALLATION OF AN AFTERMARKET VEHICLE SECURITY PRODUCT INVALIDATE MY WARRANTY?’’

For a detailed answer to this question, check out The TASSA Guide to the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order 2023 (MV-BEO 2023) Nevertheless, we've set out a summary below.

Block Exemption Guide Summary

Criminals are increasingly innovative in overcoming vehicle security systems and theft technology continues to develop at breakneck speed. When a new theft method comes to light, equally effective and innovative counter measures must be developed in order to protect consumers.

In many cases, the aftermarket is at the cutting edge of countering such theft technology and best suited to providing consumers with effective solutions quickly.

However, many consumers fear (or are told) that installing, or fitting, an aftermarket security device to their vehicle will invalidate the vehicle’s warranty.

So…is this true and what part does the MV-BEO, a new piece of legislation which came into force on 1st June 2023, play in providing an answer? Does fitting an aftermarket security device invalidate a vehicle’s warranty?

The simple answer is no, but there are rules, governed by the MV-BEO, that if not followed would invalidate a warranty, for example:

If the device is fitted by a qualified independent installer, then the manufacturer would have to prove that, due to a poor installation, a vehicle fault had developed which would not then be covered under the vehicle’s warranty.

Under the MV-BEO vehicle manufacturers cannot insist that your vehicle must have any work carried out on it by an authorised network whilst under warranty. This is because it would deprive consumers of their right to choose to have their vehicle maintained or repaired by an independent repairer and it would, especially in the case of “extended warranties”, prevent such repairers from competing effectively with the authorised network.

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