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I am pleased to announce VSST Ltd and TASSA are working together with ArcticLeaf® Creative.

We now have a branding company for all TASSA registered companies in ArcticLeaf® Creative.

One of the benefits of being TASSA registered is that you can have your logo and therefore your company represented on the TASSA website on our home page under “TASSA Registered Installers”.

I thought that as you don’t seem to have a logo or any branding we would assist and bring in a company that specializes in this area enabling your company to benefit.

Branding is a visual way of marking your business, promoting your company with a unique design and is a great way to make a good first impression.

As TASSA is partnered with the graphic design company ArcticLeaf® Creative, you can access ArcticLeaf® Creative’s services for a discounted rate.

Such services include logo design, design, and production of marketing materials (business cards, brochures, banners, etc) and website design.

To find out more about what ArcticLeaf® Creative can offer you, please visit or email the team at

VSST Ltd will push other service areas for deals on services to assist TASSA registered companies.

All the best,


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