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VSST Ltd and TASSA working together with Coversure Insurance.

We now have an approved insurance broker for all TASSA registered companies in COVERSURE Insurance Hornchurch.

The two directors Paul and David are specialists in motor trade insurance covering all aspects from road risk cover, to public liability and tools insurance.

Unlike many brokers who have a restricted panel of insurers they can approach; Paul and David have an open market meaning they should be able to get TASSA registered companies the best deal for your specific business needs.

Telephone them on 01708 609973 for a free insurance review, mention your TASSA registered and see how much you could save.

Unlike large call centre environments where you can never talk to the same person twice you will benefit from Paul and David being your point of contact for the lifetime of your policy.

So whenever you call, you will be speaking to the same person who knows your policy in depth.

For more information please see:

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