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The following TASSA Verified Products are now approved by Toyota Insurance Services:

TASSA Verified Company: Autowatch UK Ltd

TASSA Verified Products:
Ghost II (Immobiliser)
Ghost II Pro (Immobiliser)

TASSA Verified Company: Security4Vehicles

TASSA Verified Products:
Ampire WFS400  (Immobiliser)
Ampire WFS400 Pro (Immobiliser)

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Get an INSURANCE QUOTE for any vehicle fitted with an approved system* today!

*Vehicles fitted with a Ghost II, Ghost II Pro, Ampire WFS400, Ampire WFS400 Pro, by a TASSA registered installer


Maintaining Best Practice

TASSA was formed to drive forward standards and best practise across the industry to support innovation, protect the public, and tackle vehicle crime head on.



> Free training opportunity
> Advice and guidance
> Tools and resources

TASSA Registered Installation companies and their installers can be the eyes and ears within our communities and transport networks. They often operate in and around the UK installing vehicle aftermarket systems for their customers. It is therefore important that they are aware of the threat from terrorism in the UK and that they understand how to recognise and respond to incidents and suspicious behaviours and activities should they occur.


To support this, we recommend that installers and support staff undertake the ACT e-Learning package. This counter terrorism awareness product contains advice and activities across a variety of modules, including: Introduction to Counter Terrorism, Identifying Security Vulnerabilities and How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour. The package can be completed on smartphones and tablets in around an hour and is free.

We would also recommend that installers and their organisations utilise the ProtectUK platform and App.


This platform provides a single point of reference to understand terrorism threats and appropriate responses and includes a function for reporting suspicious activity to the authorities.

Security advice and guidance, along with the award winning ACT Awareness e-Learning, can be found at

Our Goal

To become the foremost innovation accrediting body for aftermarket security systems.


Thieves are fast

The industry needs to be faster

The industry needs to work together

The public must be protected from vehicle crime

What we do

Set industry leading standards which support innovation and ensure customers are effectively protected 

Complete extensive verification checks over manufacturers, products and installers

Manage the TASSA database

Bring together and support organisations, companies and individuals working hard to tackle vehicle crime

Looking to find a particular product or service you can trust? 


TASSA Verified Products and Services

Discover the products and services that we have independently tested and verified against our industry leading standards.


TASSA Verified Installers

Looking to find a trained, insured and trusted installer? Use our tool to find TASSA verified installation companies near you.


TASSA Members Area and Tools

TASSA registration provides you with exclusive access to tools and information to help you provide a better, safer service.


TASSA Industry Support

Find out more about the specialised services that we can provide to support insurers, law enforcement and other authorised third parties.

Who do we work with?

We know that team work is the only way to deliver effective, innovative solutions which tackle vehicle crime head on. That’s why we work with, collaborate with, and bring together experts and individuals from across the industry as well as supporting consumers.

Financial Ombudsman Service


Product and Service Suppliers

The Public

Law Enforcement

Installation Companies

Industry Associations




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