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Responsibility of TASSA installer

Installation companies shall be responsible for the quality of their installers workmanship. Including installations performed by trainees or apprentice installers under their supervision.

It is the responsibility of the installation company and each installer to ensure that the confidentiality of installations is not compromised in anyway by allowing unqualified people or the general public to view installations. An installer will not divulge any installation practices to third parties.


  • Registered companies cannot state “Approved”.

  • You may only state you are “Registered”.

  • You may state your installers are “DBS checked”, System trained, Insured.

  • You have the ability to carry out a vehicle of interest check using the stolen vehicle check link below.

  • TASSA registered company certificate will be supplied upon request.


  • TASSA verified products meet TASSA industry standards.

  • TASSA verified products aren’t TASSA “Approved”.  They are TASSA verified

  • These industry standards aim to set best practice with key industry stakeholders.

  • Other standards meeting similar requirements shall be recognised upon acceptance by TASSA.

To become TASSA registered, Follow the steps below closely to become a TASSA registered company.


First thing, before you apply you need to make sure you have the following: 

  • Company public liability insurance.

  • Certificate of passing your training.

  • DBS check certificate for your installers. 




After you have completed the Company Application Form, please save a copy to your device and then email it directly to

Membership is open to full time employees and sole traders who are UK citizens or employees and sole traders who have evidence of a right to work in the UK (it is the responsibility of the employer to check that all employees have a right to work).

This is used in all forms of employment and takes into consideration GDPR as the onus is on the employee and not the employer:

  • Over 16 years old to apply

  • Check can be used where required once complete not only for the installer’s requirements (Example agency work).


Congratulation, you have now completed the TASSA registration process. We will be in touch shortly.

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