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If you wish to join the Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA) as a verified Installer, please read the following carefully and complete the application form:

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1: Applying for membership

1.1 Products
Prospective members applying for Installer (Individual) TASSA Membership should also approach the company whose systems they wish to install (the Product or Service Company, for example Autowatch). On request, the product or service company will give training which complies to the TASSA standards. Training must be completed before systems for installation are supplied to Installation Companies.

1.2 Completion of form
Your membership will be active once the following conditions are met:
- Application form completed
- Application reviewed and all verification checks checks successfully completed by TASSA
- First payment received

1.3 Installers
In addition to Installer (Individual) TASSA Membership each installer of TASSA verified systems, must also hold an Installation Company TASSA Membership. If you are a sole trader you must hold both an Installation Company TASSA Membership AND Installer (Individual) TASSA Membership.

​1.4 Data Protection
All information provided for the purpose of this application will be treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation and our Privacy Policy.

1.5 Delays
Incomplete applications may result in delays. As such, please ensure all information required as part of this application is submitted.

1.6 Queries and Concerns
If you have any questions in relation to your application or your membership, or if you would like the application form in an alternative format, please let us know.

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TASSA Website Account

If you have not already done so, we would strongly recommend that you also sign up for a TASSA Website Account. This will enable you to renew your membership online and access certain website features.




Anyone can create a TASSA Website Account, however, only verified and registered and registered individuals are granted access to the TASSA portal (i.e. access to the TASSA database, and tools to complete stolen vehicle checks and vehicle clone checks).

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