An installer is not just a job it is a responsibility and an opportunity to help, advise and reassure your customers.

Being a TASSA Registered Installer demonstrates commitment to making a difference and following a criteria for system installations that gives confidence to the customer, insurers and law enforcement that systems installed are done so safely and correctly, in line with the product manufacturers installation instructions by a competent person.

Whats in it for installers

  1. Pre-installation Stolen Vehicle check

  2. Vehicle clone check

  3. Installation registered on ISR database

  4. Proof of competency (DBS Check, Training, Insurance cover)

  5. Liability and Tool insurance at competitive rates

  6. Industry representation promoting TASSA and best practice


Installation companies shall be responsible for the quality of workmanship, including installations performed by trainees or apprentice Installers under their supervision. It is the responsibility of the installation company and each installer to ensure that the confidentiality of installations is not compromised in anyway by allowing unqualified people or the general public to view installations,

or by divulging any installation practices to third parties.

All companies or sole traders should be registered under installation companies demonstrating that they are working to a control process.

Installers shall use their best judgement and/or available reference material in identifying and selecting the locations in the vehicle's electrical system where the aftermarket automobile systems shall be connected.

TASSA, in association with its members, will commit to monitoring and training of installers to maintain the quality and safe operation of systems installed by Registered Installers.

       “A poorly installed system may not work as expected and could be a danger to the user”

To make a difference and become a TASSA Registered Installation Company

(including sole traders)  click here


All TASSA Registered Installer installations will be captured in the TASSA Database to assist customers with third party requirements. The TASSA Database will show to third parties the compliance of systems fitted by trained installers. The customer will no longer require a paper certificate (this can be given if required).


Upon gaining TASSA Registered Installer recognition and meeting the required number of systems fitted, installers will be given the opportunity of becoming an IAATI UK member, free for the first year upon meeting IAATI membership requirements with the agreement of IAATI UK. This will enable insight into why customers need anti-theft solutions fitted to vehicles and equipment.

Membership is open to full time employees and sole traders who are UK citizens or who have evidence of a right to work in the UK (it is the responsibility of the employer to check that all employees have a right to work).

This is used in all forms of employment and takes into consideration GDPR as the onus is on the employee and not the employer:
• Over 16 years old to apply
• Check can be used where required once complete not only for the installer’s requirements (Example agency work).
Apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to get a copy of your criminal record.
This is called ‘basic disclosure’. It’s available for people living or working in England and Wales.

If the installer lives or is applying for a job in:

 Northern Ireland (www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/accessni-criminal-record-checks).

 Scotland (www.mygov.scot/basic-disclosure/apply-for-basic-disclosure).

 Southern Ireland  https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/moving_country/moving_abroad/leaving_

The check will only show convictions that aren’t ‘spent’, for example some types of caution will disappear after 3 months. If convictions are found, then the company requiring the search can consider each application upon its own merits.

To make a difference and become a TASSA Registered Installer click here 


Registered Installers cannot state Approved, you may only state you are Registered

You may state you are DBS checked, System trained, Insured and will carryout a vehicle of interest check.