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With vehicle and equipment crime on the increase and OEM systems

being bypassed by the ever increasing amount of so called high-tech tools,

the aftermarket has not been required more than since the 1990's.

It is important for customers, insurers and law enforcement to know installation companies and installers have the competencies required to do what is being asked of them.

Being a TASSA Registered demonstrates commitment to making a difference that we can show third parties and by following a criteria for system installations that gives confidence to the customer, insurers and law enforcement that systems installed are done so safely and correctly, in line with the product manufacturers installation instructions by a competent person.


Competence of the installer to ensure that systems installed are done so safely and correctly, in line with the product manufacturers installation instructions.

Installation companies and installers who are members of the scheme are committed to upholding standards, protecting the consumer and driving down crime.

TASSA, in Association with its members, will commit to monitoring and training of installers to maintain the quality and safe operation of systems installed by registered installers.

The database will be capable of generating system intallation reports for the installation company.


£100 per annum per Installation Company (including soletraders)


“A poorly installed system may not work as expected and could be a danger to the user,

so ensure installation is carried out by a TASSA registered installer”

To request details on becoming a TASSA Installation company (including soletraders) and making a difference:

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