Vehicle crime

Vehicles are often stolen to commit other crimes, if not being stolen for selling on as a whole or for their parts. The battle to combat vehicle theft ebbs and changes as the criminals change and adapt to beat the vehicle security systems or to commit fraud. It should

be kept in mind that the criminal wants easy ways of making money or to have mobility to go on to commit other crimes. The age of vehicles does not play a part as older vehicles are still targeted as their value as often increased as they become collectors vehicles. while newer vehicles less than 5 years old are very often stolen for parts. The parts market is global as when broken up left hand or right hand drive does not matter. Methods used to overcome systems depend on type of vehicle and age.

Electro/Mechanical methods are still in use.

Onboard Board Diagnostic (OBD)

OBD theft occurs when the criminal is able to gain access to the interior of the vehicle and connect electronically to the vehicle.

Relay Thefts

With vehicle thefts by the relay method becoming more common and the increasing coverage within the media, it is important that appropriate action is taken to safeguard against becoming a victim. Owners of keyless cars are becoming more aware that they could be targeted and that their car might be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, vehicle owners and fleet operators should not become over anxious about the security of their vehicle, although it is a good idea to take extra precautions.


It has always been necessary to take extra precaution to avoid car theft, and as hacking devices become more sophisticated they may be able to pick up signals from 100 metres away, so it is not just about making sure that your key is as far from the front door

as possible so as to avoid its signal being picked up as the ranges of detection equipment differ depending on the type.

​In the event that you need to make an insurance claim for theft by means of relay attack, make sure you are honest and straight about

what has happened, this will aid the insurance claims team and raise their awareness to the problem. This will help other insurance

customers who have had their cars stolen due to relay theft as insurers will be able to advise other motorists with keyless cars to be

aware of the potential issues.

'Despite progresses in anti-theft technology, thieves are always coming up with new ways to make off with your vehicle. '

Please see the PDF Theft Times 3 Relay Theft. 


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