Having spent a collective of some 60 years working within Thatcham Research and the Metropolitan Police, setting vehicle Insurance ratings and security standards for both the Aftermarket and vehicle OEM’s and pushing best practice for all vehicle types from information gained on the street through police across the globe.

Promoting and providing research and corrective actions leading to consultancy for both the Aftermarket and OEM's which drove passenger car theft down from 625,000  to 75,000.


Using aftermarket and OEM systems of all vehicle and equipment types to withstand and counter theft and fraud.


In turn assisting brands with brand protection and insurers from possible fraud and supporting police with expert witness statements and vehicle identification.

Respected within the industry for providing trustworthy advice in a highly confidential field with many different stakeholders.


With the loss of recognition and standards for the Aftermarket and Installers, VSST Ltd was asked to establish

a programme that would give reassurance and credibility to customers having systems fitted. From this TASSA was created.